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The other must have mod on our server has got to be Biomes O’ Plenty. If you’ve ever played Minecraft, chances are you’ve played on a server or with Biomes O’ Plenty. For those who haven’t, this mod really changes the way Minecraft looks, and how it can be played. Biomes O’ Plenty adds 33 different new biomes, and 7 new types of gems for you to discover and use.

There are some other really great features in Biomes O’ Plenty, like different tool tiers, a new tool called the Scythe, which is used to clear grass, leaves, and other plants quickly, and some other cool features that tie in with other things in the mod, like the blow dart.

It also adds custom achievements, all of which are just picking up blocks from certain biomes, like red rock, glowflower, etc. There’s also a set of “Biome Finder” achievements that you get for entering all of the different biomes. They’re just meant to give people more of a reason to explore and have fun.

Village generation has been changed to allow villages to spawn in most relatively flat and realistic biomes (No fantasy biomes). The biomes villages can generate in is completely configurable, as well as the distance between villages. However, the distance between villages is only affected in the Biomes O’ Plenty world type. The villages also use different materials for buildings depending on the biome.

Biomes O Plenty Download

Emerald ore and the new gems can be found in the following biome types. Note, it doesn’t apply to EVERY biome in that category.

Biomes O’ Plenty Biomes

- Birch Forest
- Bog
- Cherry Blossom Grove
- Crag
- Deadlands
- Dense Forest
- Field
- Frost Forest
- Garden
- Glacier
- Highland
- Mangrove
- Marsh
- Meadow
- Mesa
- Mountain
- Mystic Grove
- Oasis
- Ominous Woods
- Orchard
- Prairie
- Quagmire
- Rainforest
- Savanna
- Scrubland
- Seasonal Forest
- Shrubland
- Spruce Forest
- Tropics
- Tundra
- Wasteland
- Wetlands
- Woodlands

Biomes O’ Plenty Gem Spawns

Emerald – Forest/Mountain-based biomes
Ruby – Desert-based biomes
Peridot – Grassland-based biomes
Topaz – Jungle/Tropical-based biomes
Tanzanite – Snow-based biomes
Apatite – Swamp-based biomes
Sapphire – Water-based biomes

DireWolf20 Mod Spotlight of Biomes O’ Plenty


- Download the latest version of the Forge installer
- Run the installer and select client/server
- Start Minecraft using the Forge profile
- Exit the game
- Download Biomes O’ Plenty above and place it in the mods folder
- Re-launch Minecraft and have fun!

NOTE: In the file, you have to change the level-type setting to BIOMESOP.

NOTE: Don’t forget to change your config file if you want to toggle biomes or change the biome size. All biomes are enabled by default, with a biome size of 4. For reference, Large Biomes has a size value of 6, and the old Small Biomes world type from the mod was 2. You can change it to any value you’d like, however.

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